Wednesday, July 26, 2017

June 2017 Thrift Haul

I've been thrifting, but haven't been posting as much. I swear I'm going to get better at posting. I have a couple other hauls that I need to share!

Lately, my go to thrift store is Texas Thrift. It's enormous and is constantly being restocked. However, it's always PACKED!

I think this haul shows how obvious I want it to be cool outside.


1. Vintage 80's - $10

When I saw this purse, I immediately thought of this lion purse I thrifted from this haul. Like the other purse, I love the quirky detailing of the crocodiles. I love that it perfectly finds my wallet, keys, and sunglasses. The stitching is impeccable which makes the bag look expensive. There's no label and how I wish it did. I'll never know who makes this bag. I did find something kind of similar here.

Retails: $35 -$50


1. Madewell - $3

This linen blouse is great for these super hot days; it also drapes really nicely.


2. Vintage 90's - $4

I was stunned to find this blouse, which is extremely similar to top no. 5 from this haul. I love the floral embroidery and it's a beautiful shade of navy.  

3. Flannel Button Up - $5

I know, it's crazy hot outside! But, I couldn't pass up this basic flannel. I know this will get worn A LOT.

4. Ralph Lauren Tunic - $5

This lightweight, creamy tunic is super easy to dress up or down. Another piece that I will get a lot of wear out of. 


1. Vintage 60's Skort - $3

I don't remember if I've already talked about how hard it is to find true vintage these days on here. Well, it is! I can't even find 70's pieces anymore, I blame all those online sellers. I was extremely happy when I found this and the next piece! A plus because they fit like a glove. 

2. Vintage 60's Neiman Marcus Skirt - $3

Isn't it funny how this looks like the skort? I'm not crazy about the calf length, so I might hem it. Although I'm afraid it might loose it's A-line shape. 

Here's to next times haul being more summery!

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