Tuesday, July 31, 2018

We Have Moved!

This little blog has done a lot of growing and has grown up. It has moved to:

Thank you for keeping up with me all these years and I hope to see you there!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November '17 Thrift Haul

I haven't had much luck at the thrift stores lately. Everytime I go, everything seems really picked out. I recently went with my friend and I actually found quite a bit! (Thanks to her!)

I didn't find anything designer, but I found a few good pieces for going out.

1. Vintage 70's Dress - $3.50

It's been a long time since I've found a piece of vintage clothing at the thrift store. I was thrilled to pick up this 1970's poly number. I haven't decided if I want to keep the length or hem it. I really like the eastern influence on the bodice. It was also half off!

2. Forever 21 Dress - $6

This was the second most expensive at six dollars. I took it with me though because I actually tried things on and I liked the way it fit. I'm a sucker for shift dresses. An easy dress for a night out. 

3. Forever 21 Romper - $5

I fell in love with this romper. It fits perfectly! Another easy look for going out. 

4. Velvet bodysuit - $5

I think this is one of the most "modern/trendy/new" pieces I've thrifted. It's super relevant to what's currently being sold in stores. I already wore this with black jeans, leather jacket, and booties. 

5. Vintage 1980's leather skirt - $5

My friend found this skirt for me! I've purchased a couple of leather skirts from thrift stores, but this one fits just right. It's also the perfect length. 

6.  Levi Jeans - $7

I never think about looking at the jeans, but lately I've been wanting a pair of mom jeans. My friend and I looked at every singe pair of jeans! I was surprised to find regualr skinny fit Levi's. I've already worn them a bunch of times! 

Here they are!

7.  Haviana's - $4

These Havaiana's were half off! They usually retail between $25-$30, so it was a bargain. They're gently used and I don't own a pair of flip flops. (I know lol)

I believe I spent right under $40 for everything!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

June 2017 Thrift Haul

I've been thrifting, but haven't been posting as much. I swear I'm going to get better at posting. I have a couple other hauls that I need to share!

Lately, my go to thrift store is Texas Thrift. It's enormous and is constantly being restocked. However, it's always PACKED!

I think this haul shows how obvious I want it to be cool outside.


1. Vintage 80's - $10

When I saw this purse, I immediately thought of this lion purse I thrifted from this haul. Like the other purse, I love the quirky detailing of the crocodiles. I love that it perfectly finds my wallet, keys, and sunglasses. The stitching is impeccable which makes the bag look expensive. There's no label and how I wish it did. I'll never know who makes this bag. I did find something kind of similar here.

Retails: $35 -$50


1. Madewell - $3

This linen blouse is great for these super hot days; it also drapes really nicely.


2. Vintage 90's - $4

I was stunned to find this blouse, which is extremely similar to top no. 5 from this haul. I love the floral embroidery and it's a beautiful shade of navy.  

3. Flannel Button Up - $5

I know, it's crazy hot outside! But, I couldn't pass up this basic flannel. I know this will get worn A LOT.

4. Ralph Lauren Tunic - $5

This lightweight, creamy tunic is super easy to dress up or down. Another piece that I will get a lot of wear out of. 


1. Vintage 60's Skort - $3

I don't remember if I've already talked about how hard it is to find true vintage these days on here. Well, it is! I can't even find 70's pieces anymore, I blame all those online sellers. I was extremely happy when I found this and the next piece! A plus because they fit like a glove. 

2. Vintage 60's Neiman Marcus Skirt - $3

Isn't it funny how this looks like the skort? I'm not crazy about the calf length, so I might hem it. Although I'm afraid it might loose it's A-line shape. 

Here's to next times haul being more summery!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Family Thrift Outlet Haul #5

It had taken me several months before I had a free day to visit Family Thrift Oultet in Fort Worth! I always leave with a large bag of clothes for under $40. You really can't beat that! Everything is always $2 on Thursdays! I found a few gems including Milly and Armani Exchange. Here's what I found!


1. Faux Gucci?

I quickly grabbed this without inspecting it. It looks authentic excpet for the plac that says Gucci, is slightly crooked. There's a serial number and everthing though. What should I do with it?


This nautical inspired shift dress will be perfect for casual outings. 

2.  Mark and James by Badgley Mischka 


The crepe material of this one shoulder dress is what caught my eye. I had no idea that Badgley Mischka had a cheaper line. I couldn't find much info on the brand, but you can find it on Rent the Runway! The couple of dresses they have retail between $345 and $660. It was definately a steal! I just need an occasion to wear it to. 

3. Milly

I was so excited to find this Milly dress! Milly is one of my favorite brands. A similar silk dress is right under $600!!! 

4. H & M 


  I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of this casual t-shirt dress.



This romper is brand new with the tags! Sadly, it has the price portion ripped out. 


This frilly black tank is prefect for dressing up or down.

2. J.Crew

Just a casual tank for everyday wear.

I've never found anything from River Island, so I was pretty excited when I found this piece. I was  hoping it was a dress, but it ended up being a tunic. 

I like the idea of two layered tees and the fabrics are super soft!


I've seen graphic tees all over magazines, so I snatched this up!

6.  Armani Exchange 


This cold shoulder sweater is light enough to wear through the rest of spring (hopefully!) and easy to dress up.

7.  H&M

I fell in love with this vest! I can't wait for it to get chilly again. 

13 items for $26! Not bad at all. It was worth it for just the Milly dress alone.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Haskell Flash Mirror Collection // Warby Parker

Warby Parker is known for their cool frames and sunglasses. Well, they recently updated their Haskell frame by adding new colors to the flash lenses, but they're still the same frames from before. 

The frames definitely have a vintage vibe to them, which I'm all for. I love that each pair has a different personality because of the color of the flash lens. 

They added 6 new flash lens shades. I'm also really loving the fact that the actual frames are clear. It makes matching them with outfits so much easier. 

These are my favorite picks!

I feel that these blue ones would be perfect to wear out to the pool. The blue lenses and blue water will make a fun combo. People will also for sure do a double take!

This pair definitely gives a chic vibe. Perfect for wearing out when you want to be incognito. 

These light purple ones are my absolute favorite!! I think they're not too bold and not too subtle. 

The bright violet ones are perfect if you really want to stand out. They'll create a great contrast with with light colored clothing.

Which pair are your favorite?

You can find the frames here! You can also take a look at the rest of their sunglasses here.