Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Last Days of Summer

Fall is approaching, but the days seem to only get hotter. By the recent OOTD's I've shared, you can tell I live in jeans. (Weird right?) 

I had completely forgotten about this blouse that I purchased during winter. It's super lightweight and has pretty, detailed embroidery in gold thread. I wish I would have worn it sooner! 
Blouse: Christophe Sauvat via Intermix - $50 (Org. $198)
Jeans: Rag & Bone - $98 ($210)

Do you have any favorite summer tops? 


Friday, September 16, 2016

Family Thrift Outlet Haul #4

On my recent trip to my local Family Thrift Outlet, I found some of the best things I've thrifted in a long time. I found a lot of coats, because winter is coming (not really, but I like to pretend), and you can never have enough coats; even though I live in Texas. I found a couple of hadbags and a handful of tops that are perfect transitional pieces. Oh and all my finds were $2 a piece because I went on a Thursday! 


1. Vintage 80's Bloomingdale's Fringe Coat - $2

You can immediatly tell the high quality of the wool, which I love! The coat is a little out there for me, but I have some fringe booties that it'll go perfectly with. I'll honestly wear this once though...

2. Vintage 60's Mink Collar Coat - $2 

I've never found a nice 60's coat at the thrift store, much less a coat with mink! For $2 too! I think this coat is too long, so I'm going to get it hemmed (yes, I've gotten lazy) a little below the last button. I slightly panicked when I felt that stuff was in the pockets, but it happened to be ballons and a bundle of rice. I imagine the last time it was worn was to a wedding. The tulle and ribbon of the bundle is definatley vintage, so I wonder if the owner purchased the coat for the wedding. I love the mysteries of a garment's past life. The coat came from Monning's department store in Ft.Worth, which has been closed since the 90's. A coat like this would cost me about $125; so I saved about $123.

3. Gap Toggle Coat - $2

I've always wanted a red toggle coat with a hood, but I will settle for a black hoodless one. I'm not a Gap fan due to their unethical practices, but I justifed my purchase since it's secondhand. I'm thinking it'll give my cableknit sweaters a classic touch. I found a similar toggle coat on their website which is shorter than this mine and currently on sale; it originally retailed for $168. I saved about $166!

4. Vintage 40's/50's Coat -$2

I want to say this is late 40's, early 50's. I couldn't find much information on the label. I fell in love with the deep red color and the choir boy sleeves. The sleeves create this cool effect that makes it look like you're wearing a cape. I know I'm going to be wearing this piece A LOT! Especially since it's so lightweight and has pockets.


1. Kaftan Blouse - $2

There isn't anything too signigicant about this piece, but it'll be nice to wear until the days actually get cooler.

It's always a good thrift haul when you find Free People! It's one of my favorite brands to find and wear. I can picture with my green cargo blouse and brown ankle booties or just plain with sandals. A tunic similar to this would cost about $78, so I saved about $76. 

3. Old Navy Boat Print Sweater - $2

Another Gap company product that I contemplated on purchasing. I just really want to wear it with the sleeves rolled up and with high waisted shorts for that cool oversized look. I might try to shrink it or take it in from the sides if it's too bulky. You know how sometimes outfits look better in your mind than in person (happens all the time to me!).

4. H&M Lace Top - $2

Lace is a staple for fall and winter. I don't have any all lace blouses, so I was happy to find a black one! It looks a little boxy, but it's easily fixable. Lace is always a great way to add texture to any outfit.

5. Gap Draped Blouse - $2

I swear this is the last Gap item from this haul! After typing this, I feel a bit guilty for buying these items, but I really liked them! 

6. Peasant Style Blouse - $2

Perfect for warm fall days and my Stetson floppy hat

7. Hunter Green Draped Top - $2

This style of draped tops really make me think of L'agence. It'll be perfect with black jeans!

8. Nude Lace Top

I was happy to find another basic nude lace top! I think it'll look amazing with with the red jacket and dark wash jeans. 

9. Trunkfit Tee - $2

Ok, I had no idea this label is by Lil Wayne! LOL! I just really liked the mixed materials and the cool patch. I have this pair of distressed jeans with paint splatters and this tee is perfect for those jeans. 


1. Vintage Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Crossbody

My second vintage Dooney find! I was excited to find it and love that it's a crossbody! I've already used it and given it a personal touch with a fur pom. A crossbody like this costs around $100, so I saved about $98. 

2. Vintage Fendi - $2

I nearly died when I snatched this Fendi bag! It's one of my favorite luxury brands, so I'm excited to have my own piece. It's definately authentic and something similar costs about $70, so I saved about $68. Funny how the vintage Dooney's are more valuable than the vintage Fendi's. I love both, but definately prefer the Fendi, all I'm missing is a Fendi Fur Monster!  

For 15 items, I spent $30 and saved at least $538!

I think I got pretty lucky with my finds! Can't wait for the next thursday I go! 



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dressing Conservatively

Last week I had the opportunity to help with a St. John Knits runway show. I had to dress in all black (extremely common) and consevatevely. I'm not one to usually show a lot of skin, but it was still a challenge to look conservative yet youthful. 

I almost wore a dress, but if you've ever worked backstage at a runway show, you know it's not always the best idea. I decided to go with loose fitting slacks and a silk Escada blouse that I found brand new with tags at the thrift store!!!

On the tags it says Margaretha Ley and I'm not sure if it's something different from other Escada pieces. I have a few pieces without her name or at least I don't think so. I know that she has passed, but by from the Neiman Marcus tags and style of the blouse, I'm pretty sure it's not vintage. Let me know if you have any info! 

Slacks: Borrowed From my mom! :D
Purse: Faux Chanel via Random thrift store - $1
Shoes: Forever 21 - $15

I love that blouse is sleeveless and has a scoop neck, so I wasn't completely covered up. I would say the look was tasteful without aging myself. Funnily enough, later that day someone asked me if I was still in high school. I'll take that compliment! 


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shades of Pink

Pink is one of my least favorite colors. I only have maybe 3 pink things? I did fall in love with this dainty and whimsical Johnny Was tunic from this Family Thrift Outlet haul. 

I kept the look super airy, light and fresh by pairing the tunic with light wash jeans. I also finally wore these Coach sandals that I bought at the end of last summer for a ridiculously good deal. I've been keeping my looks really simple and accessorie free. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate my massive brooch collection into everyday wear...

Sorry about the weird lighting!
Jeans: Rag & Bone via Intermix - $75 (org. $198) 
Wedges: Coach via Dillard's - $30 (org. $150)

What are colors that you least like to wear?



Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fall Ready!

The days aren't as hot (maybe..), so I've started to layer my clothes. I've retired that olive green vest that I lived in all last summer and I've moved on to this olive lightweight jacket/heavy button up from Banana Republic! I've already worn it several times and with several different ways.

The trick to layering during warm days, is by wearing sheer/superlight weight and sleeveless tops underneath.

This was definately a great outfit to wear on a rainy day. As for the accessories, I added a gold tassel bracelet, a pair of handcuff rings(!), and the vintage leather purse with studded with coins that I've been obsessed with. 

Olive Utility Button Down - Banana Republic - $12 (Same One!)
Smocked Sleeveless Tank - Simply Vera via McCart Thrift Center - $3
Frame Denim "Le Skinny de Jeanne" - Intermix - $130ish (Same!)
White Converse - 3rd Party Purchase - $40 (Same!)

How do you feel about layering while the days are still warm?