Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November '17 Thrift Haul

I haven't had much luck at the thrift stores lately. Everytime I go, everything seems really picked out. I recently went with my friend and I actually found quite a bit! (Thanks to her!)

I didn't find anything designer, but I found a few good pieces for going out.

1. Vintage 70's Dress - $3.50

It's been a long time since I've found a piece of vintage clothing at the thrift store. I was thrilled to pick up this 1970's poly number. I haven't decided if I want to keep the length or hem it. I really like the eastern influence on the bodice. It was also half off!

2. Forever 21 Dress - $6

This was the second most expensive at six dollars. I took it with me though because I actually tried things on and I liked the way it fit. I'm a sucker for shift dresses. An easy dress for a night out. 

3. Forever 21 Romper - $5

I fell in love with this romper. It fits perfectly! Another easy look for going out. 

4. Velvet bodysuit - $5

I think this is one of the most "modern/trendy/new" pieces I've thrifted. It's super relevant to what's currently being sold in stores. I already wore this with black jeans, leather jacket, and booties. 

5. Vintage 1980's leather skirt - $5

My friend found this skirt for me! I've purchased a couple of leather skirts from thrift stores, but this one fits just right. It's also the perfect length. 

6.  Levi Jeans - $7

I never think about looking at the jeans, but lately I've been wanting a pair of mom jeans. My friend and I looked at every singe pair of jeans! I was surprised to find regualr skinny fit Levi's. I've already worn them a bunch of times! 

Here they are!

7.  Haviana's - $4

These Havaiana's were half off! They usually retail between $25-$30, so it was a bargain. They're gently used and I don't own a pair of flip flops. (I know lol)

I believe I spent right under $40 for everything!



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