Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thrift Trips: Theory, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Chanel, Ferragamo

Hi! Just wanted to combine my past 3 thrift trips and show you what I found! Lately, I've been trying to stay away from clothes. I've been obsessively looking through purses with the hopes of finding something exciting. Here's what I've found:

Thrift Trip - March 4

1. Theory Blazer $10

I had been looking for a classic black blazer for the longest time! I wasn't looking for anything fancy, just something I could through over my shoulders to tie a look together. Everything I'd seen seen at the thrift store was way too baggy and dated. You can imagine how over the moon I was when I spotted this blazer.

Retails: $395- $425

I'm not too crazy about Tory Burch. It's just kinda everywhere and I personally would prefer another brand or something cool looking.  However, when I spotted this tote, I couldn't pass it up for $15. Not to mention the leather is in mint condition. My mom was really excited about this find, so she's keeping it. 

Retails: $345

3. Vintage 80's Lion Purse $6

Now this is my kind of purse! It's funky and a lot more unique looking. I tried finding something similar online, but wasn't too successful. I did find something similar, but still pretty far away from my purse. I'm obsessed with the deep hunter green!!! I added a fur pom to make it look a bit more luxe. I also love that it's a cross body! I use this purse just about everyday, I'll probably keep using it until I find something cool again.

Retails - $35?

Thrift Trip - April 7th

1. Kate Spade Saturday Top $2

This top is seersucker, polka dot, and Kate Spade; just a few of my favorite things.  It'll be a great summer top to try and beat the Texas heat. I can picture it with shorts and espadrilles!

Retails: $60?

2. Fredericks of Hollywood Top $2

Something about this top just made me really like it. I don't know if it's the vertical stripes or that it reminds me of this 10 Crosby dress. I'm not sure if I'll wear this, but I could use a styling challenge. I think it would look really good with flares. (Too bad they look awful on me!)

Retails: ?

Thrift Trip - April 10th

The only vintage things I shop for these days are handbags, home decor, and silk scarves. There is something sophisticated about a silk scarf. It's almost like an art piece to me; especially designer ones. I always wear one when it rains or in the winter or on a purse. I think it's the old lady in me that always looks through bins of scarves. I was super ecstatic when I saw the Chanel logo on this navy scarf. To further inspection, I quickly validated it's authenticity. I was also excited about the classic navy and gold color scheme. I know that this was a popular print in the 80's. My co-worker even has the same one! I kinda want to show it off, but haven't figured out the right outfit. 

Retails: $150 - $350

2. Vintage Ferragamo Purse $3

It's no secret that Ferragamo is easily one of my favorite brands. I wish I could afford buying it at retail price! However, it's one of the easier designer brands to find at the thrift store. I've only been able to find shoes (I'm not complaining). When I spotted the purse I thought that the patina on the leather was quite pretty. On closer inspection, I was delighted that it's an authentic Ferragamo and made in Italy. Italian leather is probably as good as it gets. This will probably become my summer purse once the days get hot. I couldn't find the exact purse anywhere, but even vintage Ferragamo purses are expensive. I know a brand new one about this size runs around $1400 -$2500.

Retails: $130 - $250

3. Where'd You Go Bernadette $3

It's never occurred to me to look at the book section. I've been following more reader/book IG accounts and got inspired.  There wasn't a large selection and thought some of the books were overpriced for a thrift store. This is a book that's been on my to read list for a couple years now, so I'm glad I found it at an okay price. 

Retails: $9

That's it for my past 3 thrift trips! I roughly saved roughly, $1,079 - $1,429!! I only spent $45 on 8 items.

I'm extremely pleased with my savings. I'm hoping to go something before the weekend. Fingers crossed I find good things again! 



  1. You and me = mutual love for the lion purse! Great blog!