Thursday, August 11, 2016

Family Thrift Outlet Haul #3//Too Cheap Blondes Event

After the amazing past two hauls, of course I'm going to keep going back to the outlet in Fort Worth! It's totally worth the drive. All these great pieces for $2 a piece!? Umm, yes please!

I was also excited to be invited to another Too Cheap Blondes event and be able to shop after hours. Less stressful!

I feel like I had better luck finding clothes this time. I actually avoided purses as much as I could, but still found a few.


1. Vintage 1950's/1960's Beaded Purse - $2

I couldn't pass this one up. I mean, could you?

2. Vintage Judith Leiber Quilted Bucket Bag - $2

This is the second Judith Leiber that I find. I couldn't resist the super soft leather and the fact that it was made in Spain. I was super surprised that this vintage bag runs around $350ish! It just needs a bit of cleaning, but I can't wait to whip this bad boy out!


1. Claybrooke Jacket -$2

I'm obsessed. I love olive tones! I want to wear them year round! I actually wish they made more summer clothes with olive tones. I'm planning wearing this jacket A LOT in the fall/winter. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it to Alaska with me as a layering piece. I couldn't find much info on the brand, except for it seems to be more like a men's clothing brand. Now,  I'm questioning if it's a men's jacket. Ha! I can never remember which side the buttons are supposed to be. Oh well! It fits and looks good. I couldn't find a base price to compare against it to, but I mean where else can you find a $2 jacket?

2. Christopher & Banks Granny Square Sweater - $2

I almost didn't take this piece, but sometimes all you need is a little imagination. I think it'll look extra cool and boho if I attach fringe at the hem (DIY tutorial anyone?). It'll be fun to wear with a sheer blouse and jeans as the weather eventually starts to cool down. I found a similar sweater that sold on eBay for $20.

3. Lable-less kimono - $2

This kimono may not have a label, but I'm pretty sure it's a higher quality one. My reasoning is the amount of fabric used, the weight of the fabric, and the beautiful frog closure. This will definitely complete any outfit. I also love that you can easily transition it into Texas fall because of the colors. 

4. Embroidered Boho Vest - $2

Okay, I'm bad and didn't check the labels to everything. I also don't feel like digging in my closet to figure out what labels are on things. Just know that it's nothing exciting or memorable. This knit vest however, is pretty memorable. It has beautiful multi-colored embroidery, which makes it super easy to match with anything. I think it'll look best with a dress, but we shall see what I end up wearing it with. 


1. Lace w/ Embroidery Dress - $2

This dress looks so ugly on the hanger!! My mom picked it out and I thought she was crazy. Once I tried it on, I fell in love! It's actually super pretty and flattering. I'm hoping to wear it very soon!

2. Mandarin Dress - $2

My favorite movie is In the Mood for Love, it's what sparked my love for vintage and in a sense fashion. It has beautiful cinematography and storyline as well. I bought the dress because it really reminded me of the movie. I have no idea if I'll ever wear it, but I suppose an occasion might pop up!


1. HM Blouse -$2

I'm sure I'm going to wear this top with that denim a-line skirt that I wear all the time!

2. Angie Blouse -$2

I was so sad that this top isn't fully off the shoulder; but it's still has that vibe. I love the embroidery and sheer inlays. Perfect for the rest of summer, which seems like it'll never end. 

3. Kaftan Style Blouse -$2

I feel like this is a love/hate blouse. It might have been the jeans I tried it on with. I do really love the lace inlay on the back of the blouse! I think it'll look good with black jeans and black gladiator sandals.

4. Off the Shoulder Mustard Top - $2

Okay, this is my absolute favorite! I already wore it! I wore it to a Blink-182 after party and got many compliments. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen how I wore it. If you don't follow me on instagram, look on the side bar to see how I wore it. It's an outfit I will definitely be wearing into the fall. I'm obsessed with the color, the cut, and the bell sleeves. It's absolutely perfect!

What's your favorite piece that I bought? Which item would you like to see styled the most?


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