Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chicago '16 Pt.1

About 3 weeks ago, I super spontaneously took a two day trip to Chicago. I covered so much ground in 2 days! It took me quite a few days to recover from how tired I was. It was tricky getting a good OOTD and balancing being a tourist; thus the semi-cheesy pictures!

Before I continue on with my post, I'd love to thank one of my best friends for making this trip possible and extremely memorable! I'd also like to thank my aunt and cousin for hanging out with me on VERY short notice. Love you guys! 

Okay, moving on!

Day 1:

What I Did:

I flew in super early with my friend and started out excursion with brunch in The Loop (neighborhood). After lunch we crossed the street to Millennium Park. My family is from Chicago and I've posted other Chicago posts before; this is the first in depth one I've done. Anyways, I had never seen The Bean. It was a must do for me! I will say that it didn't disappoint. It was a lot trickier to take a selfie with the reflection than I thought it would. 

We wandered through to the BP Bridge, which photos do not give it justice! The skyline views you can see from there are amazing! We crossed over to Daley Park and wandered around there for a bit.

We then made the journey to the Sear's Tower! That felt like an eternity because we got lost, but it was great to see downtown. It wasn't my first time at the sky deck, but it was fun to get into the glass rooms again! Funny enough, I blogged about the first and last time I went in. Look how much my style has changed! It's seriously been like 6 years....Do I look older? Do I look the same? 

As for what I wore, I kept it simple with a creme once was a blouse, but now is a crop top designer blouse from the thrift store!(of course!) I paired it casually with leggings from Costco.

Crop Top: Emanuel Ungaro Crepe Silk  - $3 via thrifted
Pants: Calvin Klein  - $20 via Costco 

That basically summed up my day! We ate at some restaurant in Rosemont, where our hotel was. I think the drive to the city was like 45 minutes? All I know is that there was a lot of traffic!

Part 2 will come up eventually, I have a couple of other posts that need to be prioritized. 



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