Monday, August 15, 2016

Chicago '16 Pt. 2

On my last day of being in Chicago, I spent it with family. I wish I could have seen everyone, but because it was such a short and last minute trip, I only saw two family members. 

What I did:

More like what didn't I do? My aunt is an amazing tour guide! We started out the day at the coolest coffee shop called The Perkolator. They had such a great playlist and it was so cute inside! I wish Dallas had something like it! 

After spending some time with my aunt, we picked up my cousin had lunch at Furious Spoon. A ramen place where they make their own noodles and play all hip hop music. I ordered the Chicken Shio Ramen, so good!!

We drove around and I was shown some of the cool neighborhoods in Chicago. I think my favorite was Lincoln Park. So many cute little shops. 

We ended the day at the Ed Paschke Art Center. His art is super vibrant, but I'm not quite sure what genre it would fall under. I'll update the post once I find out.

Here I am posing next to Canal Cinco, one of my favorite pieces that I saw. 

Oh and of course, a Chicago trip isn't complete with a Chicago Dog from Superdawg!

And that was my 2 day trip in a nutshell! I know I'm missing a few things like the Urban Outfitter's Outlet (yes, it's a thing!) and David's Tea. 


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