Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review: Beauty Box 5 - Mystery Box

Last month, I ordered another Beauty Box 5. It was a mystery box and it was on sale. I'm going to say that I loved this mystery box more than what I received in January's box.

What it does/is? A creamy blush and lip stain.

My thoughts: I do like 2 in 1 products! This stain is definitely long lasting and easily blendable. The color is a little too bright for my taste, so a little goes a long way.  I think I'll wear this more as a lip stain than a blush. 

What it does/is? A spatula like tool to get the last of your make up products out of hard to reach spots.

My thoughts: My mom kept this because she's always throws out makeup that she can't reach or is in awkward creases. She likes the tool because it's reusable and gets the job done. I will probably end up investing in one of these tools as well.

3. Revlon Colorstay in French Roast? - $3.99

What it does/is? An extra long lasting nail polish. 

My thoughts: I couldn't find this nail polish anywhere.  This isn't the gel envy, so I'm wondering if this is a discontinued product.  I haven't worn this polish yet, but will update this as soon as I try it out.  As I've mentioned before, I really love deep burgundy colored polish.

4.  Style Essential's Twin Gloss 

What it does/is? A shimmery lipgloss with 2 colors.

My thoughts: This was another product that I couldn't find anywhere.  I'm usually not a lip gloss person, but I still gave it a try.  It's a really sheer shimmery light pink gloss.  It doesn't really do much if you wear it by itself, so I've opted by wearing it on top of lipsticks.

What it does/is? An organic lotion that is high in almond oil and vitamin E. 

My thoughts: Another product my mom kept.  I did try a little on and it smells really good!  I'm not sure it she's been using it or not.  Another product that will be updated as it's used!

In the picture below, I'm wearing the blush and I layered the lip gloss on a lipstick.


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