Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: Beauty Box 5 - January 2016

Beauty Box 5 is the other subscription box that I have also been receiving monthly. I honestly didn't have any sort of exception from BB5 because you never hear anyone talk about it and because it's pretty affordable.

BB5 sends you 5 premium sized samples and/or full sized products. I really like that they send you a good mix of obscure and known brands.  I believe that you also take a beauty quiz so the company can have an idea of what to send you...but I don't remember for sure.

BB5 comes in a small teal box. The packaging isn't the best, but it's still quite cheerful.

Here's what was included in the regular "January 2016" box!

What it does/is? A thickening hair spray/cream.

My thoughts: This smells too good! Like peaches! The product is a medium weight and you run it through you hair. This product is amazing!! It gives an illusion that you have lots of hair and also gives you tons of volume. My co-workers even complimented my hair after one use. It's an inexpensive product that I will keep using in the future. I highly recommend it! Especially to those that have fine or little hair. 
What it does/is? Nail polish in a dark plum color.

My thoughts: Woahh! This color is so pretty! I've always been a big fan of plum colored nails.  It's what I'm currently wearing and has lasted pretty well for 2 weeks. Yes, there are some chips, but it's not bad like other polishes.

3. Scratch Custom Nail Wraps ($6)

What it does/is? Nail decor

My thoughts: The designs they sent were really pretty. Although, I didn't use them because the designs seemed to be meant for long nails. I never have long nails, so it just seemed like a waste to me. Maybe next time!

4. Bodipure Keratin Gloves 

What it does/is? Deep moisturizing and great for growing stronger nails.

My thoughts: My mom kept this product. Her hands did become softer after using. It's definitely a product worth using if you have really dry hands. It's a nice way to relax after a long day!

5. Novex Bamboo Sprout Hair Care Treatment Cream

What it does/is? A deep conditioning cream for damaged/brittle hair.

My thoughts: This is another product that my mom used. Her hair was really shiny and soft after she used it. It was enough to apply in her hair once.

6. Salon Grafix Hair Spray

What it does/is? A lightweight hairspray that is long lasting.

My thoughts: This is the only product that my mom and I did not use. Neither of us use hairspray, but I guess it's good to have some now. Are there any other things to use hair spray for?

I still prefer Glossy Box, but this is a great alternative if you want to save some money. This month's products weren't amazing, but they weren't horrible either. I will keep subscribing and maybe it will get better!

Which is your current favorite beauty subscription box?

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