Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Goals

It's hard to believe that 2015 has left us so quick! It feels like it was only a few months ago! It was a bit of a difficult year for me and I hope 2016 is a lot better. I need to keep myself motivated; which is why I'm sharing my list of goals I'd like to complete before 2016 ends.

1. Travel
I did get to go to cool cities like Miami and New Orleans, but I didn't spend enough time there! I really want to go see new things and experience different cultures. I already have an Alaska trip in the works, but want to see if I can visit a few more places.

2. Read 13 books
I had told myself I would read 10 books before this year ended. However, I only got to finish 3! So I would really like to reach those 10 plus the 3 I did read. I even joined 2 bookclubs! I'm also kinda obsessed with Goodreads. I had no idea how resourceful it is! So please add me as a friend if you're a book lover as well!

3. Learn at least 2 Vietnamese phrases
I never knew how complicated the Vietnamese language was until I downloaded one of those language learning apps! It's you can learn a word, but depending on the pitch you use, you might end up saying a totally different word! It's definitely challenging and only know how to say "Hello" and "Thank you". It would be really cool if I knew how to say something helpful. I might even invest in Rosetta Stone soon since I can't find classes anywhere in Dallas.

4. Get back into sewing
After working for a prominent Dallas designer and taking a full semester of design school, you'd think this would be easy.  I extremely stressed when I walk in my studio, so I haven't even bothered. It makes me a little sad because sewing is one of the main reasons why I am at where I am at. I'd like to participate in a sewalong, but I'm not going to force myself if I still don't feel like it. Have any of you ever lost your sewing mojo?

5. Purge my vintage collection
I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that I don't dress full on vintage anymore.I'm not getting rid of everything, I just want to feel challenged when I dress myself. With vintage, I could walk in with my eyes closed and easily pull a look together. Within the next few weeks, most of my vintage clothing will be put on eBay. You can keep up by clicking the "Shop my Closet tab" I know this blog has focused a lot on vintage fashion and sewing! It's also how I've gotten to meet so many wonderful people and become friends with other cool vintage fiends! This was something extremely hard to admit to myself and to tell you. However, I just feel that this chapter of my life is finished and I'm ready to move on.

6. Blog more
I know I always say that! I feel that Through the Alley has focused so much on vintage and sewing the last 5 years; I want to expand that a bit more. I want to include my thoughts on products and anything that tickles my fancy. That way I won't feel as I've run out of things to type. This blog has literally opened the door for me in the Dallas fashion world and I'm thankful for all my readers. I'm amazed I've kept some of you entertained for this long. I promise a giveaway in the near future!

What are your New Year's goals or resolutions?

Happy New Year!


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