Monday, December 21, 2015

Sephora Play Box - November 2015

It took me awhile to get to writing this review! I wanted to try the products for a longer period of time to see the effects and to fairly decide I how I felt about the products.  November's theme was about exclusive products sold only at Sephora.  I never really realized that there were products that were only sold at Sephora.  I did feel that the items they sent were a bit random, but hey I'll take anything!

Here's what I received last month:

What it does/supposed to do? This lip pencil is made from edible ingredients and is supposed to be long lasting matte lip color. You can also use it as a lip liner.

My thoughts: I really liked this color! It's a bit darker than what I normally wear, but still great for an everyday look. I like the fact that the ingredients it's made out of are okay to eat. However, as a lipstick junkie I don't really mind the ingredients as long as it's a good color. It's definitely long lasting which is nice. You can even eat and the color still stays on. I did try using it as a lip liner, but I found the tip to be too fat. I recommend this if you're not a fan of lipsticks or lip gloss. I also like how easily it is to stick in a small pocket and easy to store. I'd be interested in trying other colors.

What it does/is supposed to do? An eyeliner that is waterproof and supposed to last 12 hours.

My thoughts: This is such a pretty color! I loved using it on my bottom waterline. It was fun to give my everyday cat eye a fun twist. This definitely lasts more than 12 hours! There was even a day that I wore it, and I cried a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it hadn't smudged. I think this is a great buy for $10. I'm really interested in trying out the black one.

What it does/supposed to do? A lipgloss that plumps your lips and is shimmer free.

My thoughts: I am not a lipgloss fan at all. I just don't like the texture or the shininess. I was eager to try this one though. I was excited to learn that this was a shimmer free blend. The color is a nice pinky nude. It's no secret that I have pretty thin lips. I honestly wouldn't mind if my upper lip were a bit plumper. I was excited to see the plumping effect. I've used this gloss several times now, but it doesn't plump my lips at all. It just has short tingly/minty feeling, but there was no change at all. I don't recommend it if you want a plump lip without getting fillers. However, if you are interested in a shimmer free gloss, then this is for you!

What it does/is supposed to do? A hydrating primer to make your make up last longer.

My thoughts: I had high hopes for this one. I really love Make Up For Ever's products and have never tried a "bad" product from them. I normally use Smashbox's primer and I love it. This one however made my face really greasy and shiny. I had to keep putting on powder on my face throughout the day. This was the one product in the box that I really disliked. Do any of you guys like this one?

What it does/is supposed to do? A multipurpose hydrating oil.

My thoughts: I loved this product so much!! It's so lightweight and scentless. It has kept my skin really hydrated. I love using it on my face and elbows. I had these dry spots on my elbows and they're really faded now. My only complaint is that you need to use a lot of it. However, I still plan on buying it. I also want to try the lotion they sell.

6. STELLA by Stella McCartney - $72

What it does/supposed to do? A perfume with rose, peony, mandarin, and amber tones.

My thoughts: This smells so good! It really smells like roses! However, it's not overpowering like other floral scented perfumes. I think this is my favorite perfume that I've been sent so far. It's really feminine without being "cheesy". I would say it's a glamorous scent!

Here's my obligatory selfie wearing all the products! I'm kinda excited to find more ways to wear the blue eyeliner.

I just got my December box and I'm excited to try the new samples! What's your current favorite beauty product? 

- A. 

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