Thursday, April 2, 2015

Resistol & Stetson Factory Tour

If you're wondering what's Resistol? Stetson? You toured what kind of factory?

If you don't wear hats...much less cowboy hats or live in the South, then I can understand why you're unfamiliar with the western & formal hat brands.

It is a little known fact that in the city of Garland, you can find one of the biggest hat factories in the U.S.

I took a tour of the factory with my friends from The Dallas Millinery Society.

It was really surprising to see how much of a hands on task it is to start and finish a hat. It's not all machine work. It was pretty amazing overall!

Oh and they have a hat/western wear outlet next door. It's super huge and inexpensive! I highly recommend checking it out and even calling to schedule a tour.

Photos c/o David Fisher

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  1. Cool post! Did you get your hat from the outlet? It's awesome.