Monday, April 6, 2015

Thrift Store Finds: Jewelry Edition

The thrift stores have been nothing but good to me lately.

To many the jewelry section of thrift stores is either nonexistent or a sea of cheap, neon, and dated pieces. I promise if you have to patiences to dig, you'll find gorgeous pieces or the past and/or something fun, quirky, and kitsch.

However, it really is a hit or miss.


 Okay, this is one of my all time favorite finds! I think everyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that I have an affinity for cameos. They're just so feminine and romantic! I remember being little and my mother always being a fan of them. I could go on with how much I love them and why..but I'll share with you another time. There's actually a funny-ish story behind this 1960's all black cameo. The lady at the cash register mistakenly punched in 2.99 instead of 12.99. It was a pretty awesome mistake and was lucky to get it at that price!

I thought this 1960's piece was fun. It really reminds me of tooled leather. Is there a name for it? At 99 cents, this was the cheapest piece of jewelry I bought.

Just a plain black beaded necklace. Great layering. I actually think I'd like to pair this with an oversized black onyx and mother of pearl cameo my mom gave me. Hmmm...

This ring!! I have the matching brooch!!! I was so excited when I pulled it up from the bottom of a bin. Oh the possibilities!!! Definitely from the 60's and worth the $6.

I thought this ring was funky and cool. I'll probably wear it with a casual outfit. I'm sure people are bound to ask questions whenever I decide to wear it. $2

I fell in love with this 1960's glass stone ring. It's absolutely clear when off, but when worn it has this blueish/blackish tint. It's really interesting. It also has flowers on the side of the setting. I think this was $3.

As for clothing & shoes? I've been finding some amazing designer pieces! Be sure to check instagram to get sneak peeks of my most recent finds and projects I'm working on.



  1. I love Cameos too - they're gorgeous.
    The ring is probably a 'mood ring' - I had one years ago and lost it!!

  2. Love the mood ring! I haven't seen one since middle school. They are supposed to be red, blue, green, orange or black depending on your mood. Mine were always dark blue or black. I forgot what it meant though. Great finds.