Monday, June 3, 2013

A-KON 24

Hi! Sorry I missed my usual Friday's Finds post. I spent most of this weekend studying for my online Algebra class and hanging out at A-Kon here in Dallas. I was there all day Friday and most of Saturday. I was hoping on making myself a lolita outfit, but because of school and work I was unable to. I ended up throwing on my good old Kimono. This is only the second time I wore it and I was really happy to receive endless compliments on it. I even had at least 10 strangers take pictures of me! They all seemed really surprised that the kimono was handcrafted by me. I left feeling MEGA proud of sewing skills!

The hotel had a real oriental feel to it, so I excidedly posed with this 16th century changing/dressing screen? I'm not really sure what they're called. Unfortunately, I had left in such a hurry that I left my camera at home, so all pictures are taken with my iphone unless noted differently.

I ran into the cutest lolita and had to take my picture with her! I wish you could see the tights she was wearing and the all the small details on her dress. I loved all her rings, hair accessories, and even the buttons under her eyes! For Afest I will make sure to make myself a lolita outfit.

I even saw Ryuk! My favorite character from my favorite anime, Death Note.

Oh and I even saw Donna from Casa Noir Photography, she took all my photos from my film noir inspired shoot!

Photo taken by my boyfriend with Donna's fancy camera!

 Photo by Tommy Tran

What I wore: Kimono made by me ------>DIY Kimono
Jade bangles - gifted by my boyfriend
Orchid Flower Clip - Charming Charlie
Wicker Basket Purse with Lucite handles and clasp - vintage, 1960's
Sandals - Zara

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