Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Dress!

Hi! So as most you know, I finished my birthday dress a few weeks ago, but didn't show a whole picture of the dress. My birthday was on Tuesday, so I finally wore the dress! (: (Sorry my hair is all messy, it was super windy that day!)

I was slightly disappointed that you can't see the triangle yolk detailing on the side of the dress because of the print.

Oh and this is the pattern I used!

In other news irrelevant to sewing or my dress, I had gone to the mall that day and was asked if I wanted a free Chanel makeover, so of course I said yes! The make up artist that did my make up has worked with celebrities and at fashion shows and well I thought that was pretty exciting and wanted to share!


  1. Very cute!
    You are looking very pretty with your new dress and the "new" make up.

  2. This looks lovely on you, well done! Oh, and happy belated birthday ;o)

  3. Really cute! Happy birthday!

  4. Bettina: Aww thank you! (:

    Marie: Many thanks! :)

    gingermakes: thanks a bunch! :D

  5. Love the dress! Looks like it could be part of Banana Republic's new Mad Men Line.

  6. nice dress! My birthday was last tuesday too!

  7. Rebecca: That has to be one of the NICEST/BEST comments anyone has ever left me!!!!! :D Thank you soo much!

    Ari: Thanks and awesome, we're birthday buddies! Happy belated birthday! (: