Friday, March 4, 2011

Antiquing = 50 Cent Patterns

I decided that today I could treat myself to an antique mall trip since I've been getting straight A's in school. I'm glad I decided to go today because most of the patterns I found were 50 cents! It was super exciting! I even found a vintage fashion ruler or is it a French curve ruler? I'm not too sure on what it's called, but anyways that ended up being the most expensive thing I bought ($3).

I mentioned on my last post that I bought 11 patterns on my last antique mall trip, so I included them in the picture.

I'm quickly running out of place to store my patterns :( Do any of you have any tips/pointers/ideas on how to organize and store patterns? I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me out with this problem!


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  1. Hi! I found you on Sew Retro and thought I'd drop by and comment and your lovely-looking pattern stash! I'm a pattern hoarder too, but I haven't come up with a good storing solution yet, I'm just using little IKEA office boxes for now! Your French curve was a bargain by the way!!!

  2. I need help with this problem too. I've been keeping mine in a recycled biscuit tin but I've now got too many for that!

  3. 16 quart plastic storage bins for your smaller patterns. You can fit the patterns in on their long sides. I also use these size bins to store projects I am working on. For larger pattern envelopes, I use 30 quart bins. These work really well for the large vogue pattern envelopes.

  4. How about one of those under the bed storage bins? Wow, you did great. These patterns will be something you use throughout the years over and over again. The French ruler was a steal at 3.00 dollars. I hope you enjoy your lovely finds!

  5. Marie - I've been keeping mine on my bookshelf, but I'm worried that I'm going to loose pattern pieces that way because some of my patterns have pretty beat and torn envelopes.

    Pearls and Lace - I did that for a bit but then my stash outgrew it :(

    K2- Oh thanks! I just might do that, I would just have to figure out where to store the bins :/

    Vintage Girl - Good idea! I have plenty of room under my bed for one of those :) Oh that's a really exciting thought! Thanks! :)

  6. Sorry such a late post... I recieved a china hutch from my mother. I don't have any china ;) and just moved and had nowhere to put it. Then I had an "ah-ha" moment when my brother put it in my living room while moving everything else. And I stood my patterns up in it and I love it! it's glass around so I can see them! Now... I thought of posting this for you b/c you seem to love antiquing and what-not like I do... If you see one for like $20 somewhere keep this in mind. Plus... it puts a vintage flare in my living room and EVERYBODY comments on what an awesome idea (mistake lol) it was :)

  7. That is such a great idea!! I will most definitely keep that in mind! Oh how i wish I had my own house! haha Right now, I have my patterns in a filling cabinet, but that would be great to put them where everyone could see them!