Saturday, March 12, 2011

Estate Sale Treasures plus Lemon Tie Dress Update

Hi Everyone! It's been some time since I got to write a new post! I had been ridiculously busy with school, but I'm on spring break now (:

Friday, I was at home when my good friend texted me about this great estate sale in a neighboring town. I literally stopped what I was doing and left the house makeup less and in lounge wear haha! It was all well worth it though.

I got....

50's clip on earrings

this super tiny bone china cat

some vintage sewing notions

a few yards of vintage lace

several yards of vintage fabric

50's cat eye sunglasses, I think they have potential!

plus a dress from the 50's, a dress from the 60's, a wool hat from the late 50's/early 60's (I forgot to take pics -_-)

and last but not least 54 vintage patterns, yes that's right 54 of them!

Now what was the grand total? Are you ready?

Drum roll please!


Yes that's right! I bought all of that for less that $15! It was pretty awesome! :D

In other news, I thought I'd show you how far I am on my Lemon Tie Dress. I only have the skirt sewn, but I'm currently working on the bodice. I hope to finish before Wednesday, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen so we'll see.


  1. Oh wow, what a loot! I wish we had estate sales in the UK!

  2. Great stuff you got. The estate sales we have around here are lame usually. Or, they are run by professional estate sale companies who know the value of everything and price it accordingly. In other words, way more than I want to pay.

    Your lemon dress is going to be adorable. You picked out the perfect fabric for it to to match the pattern illustration.

  3. I am very jealous of your button and pattern finds! Great job on the skirt too, I look forwardt to the finished product

  4. Marie: You guys don't have estate sales?! :O I really don't go that often, but my friend called me to tell me they had lots of sewing stuff for dirt cheap so I headed out.

    K2: I've never really been to any great estate sales except for this one. I think the reason it was soo cheap was because it was on a ranch located in a tiny town. I even had to drive on a dirt road to get to the location, it was kinda awkward/nerve wrecking. Thanks! My mom saw the fabric and I was like perfect!

    Michelle: Thanks a bunch! I hope the dress turns out okay (:

  5. Hello Allie, from another Allie!! ^__^

    Oh, you find the most beautiful things!!! I wish I was that lucky! :) Great finds, and I gasped when I saw the vintage sewing patterns. OMG WANT WANT WANT.

    Looking forward to your dress! That fabric is so CUTE! I love the ruffles and the length of the skirt. I bet it will look great when you're finished! :) That yellow is so happy and colorful.

  6. Hi Allie! (: Aww thank you! I have been very lucky! lol I'm always on the lookout for good deals and my good friend (who is ALWAYS at estate sales and what not) always calls me to let me know if there are any good sales out.

    Many thanks! I'm kinda frustrated with the bodice right now since the instructions aren't very clear -_- so I have to come up with modifications so it's like ughhh!!