Friday, May 7, 2010

Antique Mall No.3

Today my mom and I happened to go to a nearby antique mall that usually has a small selection of things and is way over priced. While browsing I was impressed at all the things they had and not all of it was expensive. I was surprised at the things I got because when I go to that antique mall I never find anything.

The first thing I found were these decal stickers from the 60's in original packaging. I've decided to add these to my stationary/notebook collection even though they're tempting to use. Apparently, you can stick these on almost anything!

The next thing I found was this book full of patterns. It has all sorts of patterns from casual dresses to wedding dresses, from men's clothes to children clothes, from shirts to coats and more! This is by far my favorite find at an antique mall, I can't wait to get sewing! I'm pretty sure the book is from the 60's by the styles and hair; it's called Worldwide Patterns & Designs.

These are just a few of my favorite patterns in the book :)

As I kept browsing I also found more really pretty vintage sewing patterns :) So now I'm all stocked up on patterns lol


  1. you should totally tell me about all these antique/thrift stores you shop at!! i don't know of many haha and i'll be back in dallas tuesday!

  2. That patterns and designs book is so adorable!