Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thrifting Trip No. 3

These are my thrifting finds from last Friday, most of the things were chosen by my friend Christen. Christen just started blogging so you should most def. go look at it. (

So I noticed that stuff I show you, looks really big or really tiny or just looks ugly on hangers, would it be better if I took pics of the stuff while wearing it???

The first item that was picked is this dress that I would think is from the 80's. It kinda makes me think of American Apparel for some reason and it's 100% wool, so it'll be perfect for winter. It was $4.98.

The second item is this floor length western wear dress, witch fits me huge from the bust and sleeves. I plan on having the hem and sleeves shortened, and the top part fitted. It has this really pretty fringe and lace detailing, but I couldn't get a decent picture of it. The dress was $2.98.

The last item of clothing I picked was this atrocious dress, which I don't even know why I bought it. It fits me snug from where my hips and butt are and gigantic from everywhere else. I'm going to try and do something to it, but I really doubt it will make it better. So I wasted $3.40 on this ugly dress :(

So my next thing is one of the best things I have found at a thrift store. It's this Louis Vuitton with cherries, which was an actual print at one point. I'm 100% sure this bag is fake, but it was too cute to resist! & only $3.98!

The last thing I got was this brown over the shoulder bag, with really nice detailing. I had been wanting an over the shoulder bag, but just hadn't found the right one. It was $6.98, the most expensive item.


  1. I love the items you purchased.
    Have you had a chance in altering them as you posted this in march.
    Just wondering and keeping myself updated on your blog :D

  2. No I haven't :( I got rid of the stripped dress b/c I just looked really ugly and I couldn't do much with it. I just started hemming the black dress though :) I'll post a before and after once I'm finished