Friday, March 12, 2010

New Vintage Dresses

Last week, I was browsing around the internet for new dresses, I happened to purchase four dresses on Etsy for $7.50 a piece. With tax and shipping, I spent around $40, which is good for 4 vintage dresses.

The first two dresses were purchased at

The last two dresses were purchased at

This first dress is from the 70's, and it's a teal and black houndstooth pattern. I hope it will stay below 70 so I can wear it :)

The last dress I bought from this store, is from the 60's. It has a really neat pattern, but the only downfall is that one of the sleeves is faded. Luckily the fade isn't that noticable. I'm taking it to the tailer because it fits me a bit too long for my taste.

The next dress I bought was this pretty gray dress. The length is perfect! but width wise it's way too big, so I'm also taking this dress to the tailer.

The last dress I bought is from the late 70's or early 80's. It kinda reminds me of that cream dress I bought at the thrift store last time.


  1. cutee :]
    i really like ur style

  2. soo nice. your style is great(: