Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shopping Day Pt.2 - Thrifting

So this is the second part of what I bought yesterday at the thrift stores. I don't remember how much I spent at the thrift stores, but I'm pretty sure it was under $50.

The first thrift store I went to I didn't find much, just some navy blue suspenders. I still have to figure out what to wear them with though.

The second thrift store I went to a found a couple of things. I found this vintage denim dress which fits me big, but it looks fine with a belt at the waist; it was $2.99

I also found this dark green lace top for $1.99

The last thrift store I went to was the best one, I found so many things and I ended up spending about $30. The first thing i picked was this vintage paisley patterned silky blouse which i think will look good with a waist belt and leggings. ($1.99)

I also found a similar vintage blouse with some funky geometric design and a tie.($.99)

I then continued looking at the dresses section, when I found this vintage 70's young edwardian style dress. I plan on taking it to the tailer and having her shorten the hem and sleeves. I'll be sure to make a post of how it looks after it's altered.($1.99)

I found another dress, which I really love the pattern.($3)

I picked this really simple pink shirt with these cute buttons on the back and sleeve.($2.99)

I also got this basic white babydoll top from express which was $2.99

I had to get this really neat looking wrangler shirt with horses on the front; I can't wait to wear it.($2.99)

I continued browsing and I found this basic hot pink tank from J.Crew for only $1.99; it'll be perfect for the Texas heat :)

My mom picked out this tee from Republic of Leisure for me, which I like really liked and I don't think I will do anything to it just because it fits me perfectly.($2.99)

My mom also found me this really pretty of the shoulder lace shirt from Betsey Johnson and that was only $2.99 :) I think that was the most exciting find ever! I really love her clothing designs, but can only afford to buy her purses.

I then found another top from J.Crew for $1.99; the yellow makes it perfect for spring.

The last clothing item I found was this vintage cropped cardigan from Jones New York; mustard yellow is my fav :) oh and I need to get rid of those shoulder pads. ($2.99)

After looking at all the clothes, I went to the accessories section. I found this really cute vintage purse from what I believe is the 60's. ($2.99)

I had a really good shopping day yesterday :) I can't wait to go thrifting next weekend, we'll see what else I find.


  1. wow you got ons of cute stuff haha :]

  2. great thrifting finds! :)

  3. @amburrrrrrr lol thanks it's the first ive found soo much stuff in one trip

    @projectvee thanks :)

  4. hey, thanks for following my blog!
    you're quite talented at shopping, i see. haha. i can't wait to see how the 70's style dress looks after you alter it (:

  5. oh my goodnesss/
    that jean dress!
    Those busy town tees!
    That horsey tank!
    Sosososososososo great!
    definitely following, follow me back?

  6. @Ali haha thanks :)

    @bekster thanks :) & for sure

  7. LOVE thrift stores. that black and white dress is my favorite. i want it. hahah :)

  8. @adri me too! you never know what you will find :)

  9. you make me want to go to the thrift shop down the road. They are always putting "new"stuff in! Love the wrangler/horse shirt, the smiley t-shirt, and all the rest!

    Love Ya!

  10. lol thanks aunt liz :) i cant wait to visit! love you too