Wednesday, March 3, 2010

T-Shirt Reconstruction - No Sewing Required

What you need:

Loose t-shirt
Fabric crayons (optional)

1. You have tee shirt that fits you a little loose and it's pretty boring looking. (mine is a vintage disneyland tee)

2. You take the shirt and fold it in half.

3. You then cut the sleeves and a little more until you have an idea of the desired width of the straps to the shirt that you want; although you should save some room to cut the collar off.

4. While the shirt is still folded in half, cut the collar off.

5. Unfold the shirt and cut off the remaining part of the collar.

6. You then cut a rectangle; the width depending on how thin you want the straps; on the front of shirt you can cut down to however lowcut the shirt you want.

7. Then cut a medium or small half circle leaving a strap in the middle of the back of the shirt. Then cut the strap in half.

8. Then tie both of the half strip together and you're finished.



For another t-shrit reconstruction idea, you can watch this video (that I made a long time ago) :)


  1. cute tutorial! i like the shirt.


  2. haha
    that shirt is amazing !

  3. cute, cute idea. easy fix for a boring T-shirt.

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  4. hahah that is so nifty! ;D thanks for the tip love.

    love the blog!

  5. @Maarten lol thank you :)

    @Oh to be a Muse aww thanks :) i'll be sure to check out your blog

    @Michelle many thanks :)

  6. oh that is cute!
    I have been using my super-oversize tshirt to sleep but right now I can DIY them to be a cuter shirt that I can wear outside.^^

    btw, I just followed you back^^

  7. Nice! Loved the revamp.
    Happened to be blog hoppin'. Quite a nice blog,mussay!
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