Monday, March 1, 2010

Thrifting from the Other Day

The other day I went to one of my local thrift stores, hoping to find clothes for spring. I never like going to stores with anticipation of finding something because then I don't. Although this day was different, I went in hoping to find various things and left with a big smile.

My first find was very exciting. It's this vintage blouse with really cool detailing on the shoulders. I'm pretty sure I've seen a very similar shirt, but i can't remember where :/ It was a steal for $4.99

After looking around for awhile, it didn't seem like I would find anything else but then my mom showed me this shirt. It's nice and lacy which is ideal for spring. The best thing about the shirt is that it is from H&M, it's hard to get your hands on their clothing since the nearest H&M is in either Missouri or Arizona and their online store doesn't ship to the US. The shirt was only $2.99

I also found another lacy white shirt from Gap, which was $3.99

As I continued browsing, I found this really cute wrap around tank top. I saw that the price was $5.99 and was skeptical on buying it. I bought it because my mom thought it was really cute as well, so I decided to splurge on it. When I got home I decided to google the brand, which is Tocca. I found a similar style shirt for $167, so I'm glad I purchased it.

I found this vintage vest from Chico's that I think is very Southwestern, and I love Southwestern inspired clothing. I think it'll be good for the summer time.

I found this tee from Laos, and I think it's really cool looking. I think I'm going to reconstruct it, since I absolutely hate wearing tee shirts and it fits me kinda big.

The last thing i found, is this raincoat. It's a Tara Jarmon for Target and it was only $3.99. I really like the floral pattern it has, which is perfect since spring is coming up and it's been raining way more than normal here.

Funny, I just noticed that most of the clothes I got are light colors; I mainly wear black and gray.

Oh, and before I forget, I'm including a picture of the other vintage necklace I bought at the flea market.


  1. I love your score! That polka dot blouse is the prettiest!

  2. i just realized you had commented back to me!

    ummmm i don't really know of any vintage shops or anything. there might be? . . . i usually just head to austin if i feel like shopping!
    if you find any - lemme know hah!

    BUT if you like coffee - check out tantra coffeehouse or the coffee pot..i like both of 'em.

    what brings you to san marcos?


    ps: sorry this was such a long comment -_-

  3. @My Owl Barn thanks :) it would have been a shame if i would have left it there

    @kittycat its fine :) i'll be sure to go to one of the coffee shops :) well im on spring break right now and i want to leave dallas for at least a day or two and the only day i can really go out of town would be one sunday...i was looking online and most of the vintage shops are closed on sundays and the outlets in san marcos are open

    i will be sure to let you know if i find anything though :)

  4. hi:) thanks for following me, im following back:)

    really liking the first white top, and you got these for some really good prices :) xxx

  5. oh i see..yeah san marcos is such a small town it dies down so early :(
    but it's just so beautiful

  6. hey :) great vintage finds!

  7. LOVE all the clothes. especially the wrap around tank and raincoat. where do you find all these thrift stores??
    ps. i also love playradioplay and the name of your blog. fits very well :)
    sorry if you think im a blog stalker!

  8. @kara thanks! :)

    @kittycat you know ive never really been there, just driven by and stopped at the outlets but thats about it

    @projectvee thanks :)

    @Madi Rose thanks soo much :) and ive just found them just by driving around you should check out and you can find all the thrift stores in area :) & i dont think you're a blog stalker lol

    p.s i really love your blog :)

  9. Allie: love your blog! Glad you are posting your finds. The raincoat and Tocca tank-top are my favs from your shopping adventure. Please post what you will do with the Laos shirt...I really like it and think you'll make something great with it.

    Love you lots and miss you! Hope you can make it over here...there are still some consignments stores you've never seen. Keep blogging!

  10. thanks aunt liz :) i most def will :) love you and miss you too, hopefully i'll be able to go when mama and guelo go over there...say hi to everyone for me :)