Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flea Market Day :)

Today, I got to go to the flea market in Canton, Tx. I had never been there before so I was excited to see what I would find. I didn't have a chance to look at everything, but I found a few good things for a reasonable price.

The first thing I found was this poodle brooch. I have this thing for poodles, but only if they're vintage. The pin is signed by Gerry's, which I read more about and the company still makes jewelry. The brooch was only $6, which is a good deal for a signed piece.

The next thing I found were these two dresses, which aren't vintage. I'm not too crazy about the copper one, but both dresses were only a dollar a piece so I can't complain.

So this vest, I really liked. It's one of those things that are really ugly that you like it; if that makes any sense. It's all wool so I guess I better wear it soon before it gets too hot. This was only $3.

I purchased two vintage necklaces for $10, but I only took a picture of one. I'll include a picture of the other next time. This one is a cameo locket and the the other just has a pendant with dried flowers.

I had been looking for this specific style of shoes for a very long time, but never found any or wanted to spend much on them. My mom was the one who pointed them out and I was in luck when I saw they were my size and only $5

I also happend to find another pair of shoes in a similar style for $4.50

Overall, I think I did a good job in finding several inexpensive vintage pieces; that rarely happens.


  1. So nice. >.<

  2. Lovely grey dress!!Adorable!!

  3. ohhh i love canton! i haven't been in a while though. by the way - that is such a cute vest :)


  4. @lovelyviolet5 thank you :) & it was only a dollar too

    @kittycat it was my first time going and i fell in love, i will be sure to go every month now :) thanks

    also i noticed you were from san marcos, i will be there this weekend

    are there any good vintage shops or antique malls there?