Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Skin Essentials - Dry Skin

The days are getting hotter and the sun is becoming stronger. Once I start noticing my skin getting dryer (Yes! It gets dry in the summer too!). Or I'll notice the first sunburn on my nose, I immediately change my skincare routine.

One of the questions that I've always been asked, is how I keep my skin clear and clean. A lot of it is thanks to genetics, but I've also been working really hard to take care of my skin since my late teens.  I know a lot of what I'm going to say is redundant and/or common sense, but I wanted to share my routine since I get asked so often.

During the summer, I like to use products that are lightweight, moisturizing, and high in SPF.  I tend to use low and high end products.  I also find that products work best when switching up your routine. I like to change it up every few months.

Step 1: Face Wash

I wash my face every night and morning. I really love this face wash from Daiso. I use a drop about the size of a nickel and scrub it with this brush thing (also from Daiso). I love that these are cheap products and do a great job. The face wash is infused with collagen, which I find really important. I still have plenty of collagen (I think!), but I want to stay on the safe side.


 Source                                                          Source
  $1.50                                                             $1.50

2. Toner

You make think that washing your face removes all the dirt residue on your face. However, when you apply toner to a cotton pad, you find that your face isn't as clean as you thought. This step is really important to me because I want a super clean face. If you don't use toner now, I highly recommend it! You will notice less blackheads. As mentioned, I like going back and forth between products. I'm currently using Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner. It's nice and light! I also love that you can spray it on your face. You can even use it as a refresher.


3. Moisturizer

After your face is super clean, it's so important to moisturize your face as quick as possible! I use a pretty good amount of E'thym 02 Water Moisture Lotion from The Face Shop. I like using this product during the summer because it's super light weight and extremely moisturizing. I like to put it all over my face and neck.

4. Sunscreen 

This last step is super important! My skin is super sensitive to the sun; I easily burn. I had been using Tonymoly's My Sunny Perfecting Sunblock, but I recently ran out. My friend just got me into Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion/Wetforce. I've been using it for about a week now and I absolutely love it! It's so lightweight and I love that it's waterproof and scentless.
 I like that it doesn't leave your face white or greasy. 't's nice to use as a layer before your make up.


After these steps, I go about my normal make up routine. I feel moisturized and set for the hot, sunny days.

Another product that I like to keep in my purse, is TonyMoly's Bunny Mist. It's perfect for when you get into your hot car or are beginning to sweat. You just spray it on and it's cooling. It also smells good!


I hope this was somewhat helpful! Let me know if you try any of these products! What are your summer skin essentials?



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