Monday, April 4, 2016

Thrift Trip - Winter Sale

The days are finally warming up and no one is really thinking about sweaters anymore. This really is the best time to stock up on fall and winter basics. It's also the time period where most thrift stores trying getting rid of their winter stock and gives you the best deals.

THRIFT TIP #1: Stock up on basic winter gear in the early spring.

I was super excited when Thrift Town announced that they were having their first 75% off sale ever.  It just so happened to be on winter clothing items only. From my understanding, it was all long sleeved tops, outerwear, and some shoes? I only cared for tops/sweaters, so that's all I'm certain for sure.

I only left with 4 items. I'm trying not to go as crazy as I used to and only buy things that I know I will for sure wear.

1. "Don't Ask Why" New York Sweater
Price at Thrift Town - $3.99
What I paid for (w/out sales tax)- $1
Normally Retails - $44-$50

Sure the kitschy graphic drew me in  to examine the sweater.  I had never heard of the brand before, but was sold at the fact that the sweater is 100% cotton and was made in Italy. Was really hoping this was a fancy label. Turns out American Eagle owns Don't Ask Why! It's a women's label that is all one size. American Eagle's take on trying to market different body shapes. For example this sweater might fit a petite girl oversized, but still looks cute with leggings and scarf outfit. On the other hand, it might fit a tall girl cropped, but could go for a rocker chic look with a leather moto jacket. So it's not about creating one look for one ideal body, but multiple looks depending on the body. I haven't tried the sweater on, but I'm sure it'll be just another loose sweater.

2. 90's Express Top
Price at Thrift Town: $7.99
What I paid for: $2
What it retails for: ???

I picked this top because of the style. The flow ruffle at the collar and the gathered ruffle sleeves are extremely "in". Great shirt for work. It goes with the romantic/70's fashion that is all the rage for spring and summer.

3 & 4. J.Jill Denim Tunics
Price at Thrift Town: $3.99 a piece
What I paid for: $1 a piece
What they retail for: $99 a piece

Everyone needs at least 1 denim top in their wardrobe. They're so versatile and you can wear them all year round. These will be great for those days I don't really feel like coming up with an outfit. I can just throw them over black jeans/leggings and brown ankle booties/sandals.

I know I saved at least $245 on just these items! It's kinda crazy when you start doing the math.

In case you missed the sale, it's not to late for find deals! Most thrift stores have pretty good sales every week.

Happy Thrifting!


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