Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Comfy Chic

It's sometimes hard finding motivation to look somewhat fashionable when it's super cold outside and you just want to wear leggings and Uggs.

I don't know if it's the cold weather or being flat out lazy, but I'm really loving knits right now. They're so stretchy and soft, who wouldn't want to wear that?

I recently got a design internship and want to show up somewhat cute. So, I wore my currently favorite dress - a Cynthia Rowley heather grey knit dress with 3/4 sleeves.

The fact that it's so plain makes it fun! You can do all sorts of things with it. I think I could possibly give it a night look too. Point is, everyone needs plain solid dresses!

Here's how I wore it today:

Merino Wool Coat - Prada via thrifted ($32)
Denim jacket - Levi's C/O mom's closet
Hermès Scarf - Thrifted ($2)
3/4 sleeve knit dress - Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's ($16)
Tights - Hot Sox Cashmere C/O gifted
Nude lace oxfords - Dollhouse via Ross ($17)

I decided to keep it simple and wear it with a denim jacket. For a pop of color and fanciness, I tied my olive green and gold Hermès scarf (fake?). I also wore brown cashmere tights to keep my legs nice and warm. As for shoes, I just put on nude lacey oxfords to add a bit of texture and neutralize the outfit.

Due to the cold temperature, I threw on my olive green Prada coat. One of my favorite finds from the thrift store!

I recently watched a K-drama were the main character's signature look was coat slinging or wearing a cape. I've been obsessed since! I know I'm pretty late on the trend. I also really hope it doesn't go away soon.

I was extremely warm and comfortable, all while looking pretty decent (:

What's your current favorite article of clothing? Do you like knits too? What do you think of coat slinging?


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