Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Abandoned Places

Do you ever wonder about abandoned places or really old places? I constantly find myself wondering who was the architect, what was the building used for, who worked there etc.

My boyfriend and recently tried out Chicken Scratch for the first time and we noticed it's right next to a falling apart motel.

The stucco walls & pillars are reminiscent of a Spanish mission.

We preceded along the broken glass littered sidewalk. I wondered where the office was located and what kind of people checked into the rooms. My boyfriend snapped "outfit of the day" pictures as I wondered did anyone snap any photos of a loved one during there stay. The photo of me was taken in the middle part of the building, in between the two pillars. 

Dress : Dillard's - I can't remember the price
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes - $14
Purse - 1960's Eel Skin via Thrifted in Dallas

We noticed one of the doors was wide open and being the curious person I am, I walked in. I only snapped 2 photos because the ceiling looked like it was ready to fall any second. 

As you walked in you saw a little corner closed off by half a wall and these wooden bars. I'm not sure what the purpose was for or what would go in the corner. You can see a bit of the roof peeling of at the top of the photo. 

I walked far enough in to see the bathroom. It looked extremely narrow. The shower section was really short. I could see that the sink was modern and so were the shower knobs. I wonder if the tile is original or modern. 

I then quickly ran out the building and left with my boyfriend. 

When I got home that evening, I looked up the address to the motel because the sign had been painted white. No traces of a name, just it's distinctive stucco look. I wasn't surprised to learn that it was once in  business by the name of Mission Motel. I even found a photo of what it looked like in 1944.

The motel is about the same, it just has a fence blocking the world from seeing the back of the motel. You can even see the window of the room I walked in, it's the building on the left. There wasn't much information on the building itself, but at least I found a photo of the motel in it's glory days. 


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