Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prepping for A-Kon 25

The past two years I've contemplated making myself a lolita dress for either A-Kon or Animefest. It had never happened because I always thought it would take too much time and money.

This year, I actually committed! I will be making a dress for myself and a friend. We both designed each of our dresses. I will be creating them by manipulating vintage sewing patterns.

My friend wants a classic gothic lolita dress and I want something with a novelty print.

This is the week/end when I get to start sewing :D

For my lolita dress, this is what I will be working on.

I will be a poptart princess (more to come on that later) (;

I found the fabric in one of the most surprising places ever; a quilt shop in a small town outside of Dallas. Quilts n More, located near downtown Midlothian. The ladies there are extremely sweet!

As for the traditional elegant gothic lolita dress, this shall be my base with a plain solid cotton fabric. I've used the pattern before, so it'll be interesting to see the difference in the dress I create and the dress I've already created out of it. You can see that here.

I have around 3 weeks to make both dresses plus accessories, so wish me luck!


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