Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1950's Cotton Day Dress

For those of you that follow me on instagram, you might remember I found a few vintage dresses in Oklahoma for $1 a piece.

This past Friday, I wore one of them. Now it's not in great condition, but I covered the damage up with a cardigan.

I've been sketching up ideas on how to solve this problem or in other words, how to reconstruct it without losing aesthetic appeal. 

As for now, thank goodness for my idea to throw a cardigan over the damage. No one had any clue (;

I also added a 1980's horse brooch to the collar for #noveltybroochfriday

1950's Cotton Shirtdress via thrifted - $1
J.Crew Cardigan via thrifted - $2
1980's Belt via thrifted - $2
1950's Delill purse via Antique Mall - Gifted
Seychelles T-Strap Sandals via Nordstrom Rack - $40

Until next time,


1 comment:

  1. That dress is so cute! And for one dollar! I can't wait to see you style the rest of the things you bought.