Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unflattering Plaid

If you've been reading my recent posts, you'll know how obsessed I am with plaid this season.

I went through my stash and I chose this vintage plaid fabric with white embroidery details. I had a somewhat tricky time figuring out which pattern I wanted to use because the fabric was so narrow.

I ended up using McCall's 9248 from 1969. It didn't take any more than a couple days to sew up. However, I did have to keep adjusting the bodice because it fit me really big.

I wore this dress out yesterday and I hated it! I hate it so much I almost didn't blog about it. Although, not all creations can be success stories; right? I feel like it makes me look really wide. I put the blame on the fact that I used a pattern with a gathered waist and also I think it might be the plaid pattern that is unflattering. The oversized collar looks really cute on the mannequin and the hanger, but on me I felt that I looked like a pilgrim :(

The only good thing was that it didn't look so bad when paired with my black cardigan. I also added the belt at the waist and a monogramed locket brooch. This dress will either be salvaged for the vintage or just sit in the back of my closet forever.

 What's the least favorite thing you've created?


  1. I think the dress looks great on you....not wide at all! The collar makes it something special. Xx

  2. I popped over fron We Sew Retro to tell you I like your dress! You are young and cute enough to wear it and just look edgy or quirky. But your pilgrim comment cracked me up!

    Leat favorite thing I made? I used a really cute (modern) toddler dress pattern and used some inexpensive but cute walmart fabric. It looked good in my head, but when it was finished it looked like something Heidi would've worn to herd sheep in.

    The worst part is, I didn't fully realize the extent of the ugliness, or know how to take good photos; and I posted it on my newborn blog. It's so embarrasing that I should delete it...but I keep it because whenever I have a less than stellar project; I can look at that dress and say, "at least it's not THAT."