Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rediscovering Myself

As I wrote in one of my posts last month, I'm trying to refine my personal style. A bit after that, I learned that this semester is really about me focusing on who and what I want to be as a fashion designer. I had never given much thought to it before and there are SO many possibilities!! I know and feel that fashion design is my destiny. However, I'm still not clear on what exactly I want to do. I often meet people that say "why would you choose such a competitive career" or "what are you going to do with a degree in fashion design". As some of you know,  "fashion design" is a very broad term. There are many many many things that have to happen before a garment is walked down the runway or hits the stores. So, to get back to my story, I'm pretty much rediscovering my interests. I'm now seeing what has inspired me in the past and am looking for new things to inspire me. Thus, I am using this blog to put my thoughts out there and hopefully connecting with others in a similar situation. I want to learn what my style is, what I want to create, how I'm going to create, and the people who will want my creations.

Recently, I have been really inspired by textile design. I know that Scandinavia has been known for their clever fabric prints and is one of the best places to study textile design. 

I was out at the thrift store not too long ago when I found the dress I wore today. To my surprise, it was made in Sweden. I was really drawn by the complementary color scheme. I've never been too keen on floral prints, but I felt like this was not obnoxious. It was an ankle length dress, so I decided to shorten the hem.

Dress: random thrift store (Dallas)
Brooch: 1960's via my mom
Sandals: Seychelles via Nordstrom Rack

I paired this dress with plain brown sandals and a 1960's enamel flower brooch. I thought that the neutral colors of the brooch would tone the loudness of the dress. (Hope that makes sense) I took this pin from my mom's millinery supplies. She had forgotten she had a small stash of enamel flower brooches.


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  1. I love that frock....the print, the cut. It looks fab shortened too!