Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Spy Polka Dots Dress

This summer I planned to be sewing nonstop...well that didn't happen -____-

So far I've only completed two other dresses /: I still have 2 weeks left of summer and I'm going to see how much I can accomplish!

My most recent sewing project was Simplicity's 6459 from 1966 (View 1). I used this vintage teal and black polka dotted linen from my stash.


When I completed the dress, it ended up being way too big for me. It's funny because I'm a bust 36 and the pattern I used was for a bust 35. I'm glad it was bigger instead of smaller because it was easy to fix through the side seams and darts.

Other than that, I really love the way it turned out! (: By far, this is my favorite dress I've made.

Oh and it only took me 4 hours to make! Crazy right?!




The zipper looks crooked, but I promise it's not!!


  1. This is just lovely...I love the fabric and the style! Can we see it on you soon?

    I also had big plans for my summer sewing, but it just hasn't happened :o(

  2. Love it! Adorable pattern and I second the sentiment of your Sew Retro post title: I say polka dots too! They're fun and flattering.

  3. Ooh love the style and the fabric is awesome! :)

  4. @Marie - Thank you! Yess! I intend on starting to do daily outfit posts when school starts. I'm actually planning on wearing that dress on the first or second day of school! Hopefully, we both can get some decent sewing finished the remainder of the year!

    @Heather - Thanks! I absolutely LOVE polka dots!!! I figured it would be a fun title (:

    @Faff - Thanks a bunch!!

  5. this blog brings me back to my youth, with dresses that aunts and my mamma wear. I Like to see that vintage cloths from the 1956-1965.I am from 1949 ! may be you like my blog too?

  6. Oh I so much prefer to see what it looks like on the person! I have the same style dress on a diff 60s pattern that just comes with 5 versions of the tie dress, like with diff length sleeves. I'm glad to see someone else into 60s patterns as I've really been seeming to go for those the most right now, I think bec 50s often just seems too homely housewife to me I hate to see or if it is wiggle then I also feel like not walking around everday in that type of dress either so it just seems less practical except maybe a sundress but the circle dresses can require so much more fabric and time then so I see the 60s as like things that you can make that are both simple, cute and just wearable most anywhere, right? Oh and most of them can be so figure flattering as well. I mean if you want knock off a Chanel suit, you don't need a modern pattern, you can find the 60s patterns that had that same style bec afterall the Chanel jacket is a 60s style isn't it? Anyway, was hoping to see it on and if you need to wear a belt to cinch in the waist, I think my pattern might be slightly diff as mine is def a bodice attached to skirt and yours looks like it is one piece so mine will def have a defined waist. I just for me if/when I do dots think I have to be careful what colors/size I do because I'm prolly a lot older and I just want to avoid it looking silly on me. I think I can't go wrong if I stick with like a navy blue with white, something like that.

  7. @Gebreidesjaals: Aww! I wish I could have memories like that! I think that would make my sewing more meaningful. I took a peek at your blog and the things you knit are gorgeous!!

    @Anonymous: I promise you will soon see me wearing my dress very soon, that is if you check my blog (: I love sewing 60's patterns because they don't have so many pattern pieces, however, I do love the late 50's/early 60's look. I suppose you could use a 60's or even a mid to late 50's pattern for a Chanel inspired suit. The dress on me is pretty form fitting due to me taking in fabric through the darts. Yes, my dress is is 3 main pieces that you join at the sides and back. I'm sure you could pull off anything! (: but navy blue and white sounds very classic!

  8. Gorgeous! I love the print. I just made my own version of this dress too :)