Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Dress Sneak Peek

Hello! So as expected, I did finish my birthday dress today! Well for the most part, I just need to hem it. I usually hem dresses on the machine, but I've decided that I need to start hemming by hand.

I used Simplicity's 6266 from 1965. This patten is came from a box full of patterns that I got at an estate sale for a $1, so I was pretty excited to use it. I fell in love with the side detailing!

I ended up making view 3 in this vintage fabric that I got from my most recent estate sale trip.

and this is a close up the funny triangle shape on the side, I'm not sure what it would be called -___-

I'll reveal the dress on my birthday (June 21) to create some suspense lol just kidding! I just really want to finish the hem first before I post it on here. Also, everyone on my facebook has seen a picture of it and I wanted to include more detailed pictures of the dress and pattern. But any who, this is dress 2 out of 8! I really hope the next dress doesn't take me long to finish!



  1. I love the pattern. really cute!

  2. I am definitely waiting in suspense now, this pattern is soooo cute!!!

  3. Thanks Miss W! (:

    Thank you Marie!! Wait till you see the dress I'm making now! I like it the best out of all the things I've made!