Friday, May 27, 2011

#1 - Teal Mini Dress

One of my summer goals is to make at least 8 dresses and to finish up my UFO's.

This is my first dress completed!

I used Simplicity's 8335 from 1969

This was a fairly simple dress to make. The only thing different from the pattern that I did, or didn't do, was adding elastic at the waist. I accidentally cut the dress too short to add the elastic haha

I really enjoyed sewing the raglan sleeves as they were less tedious from other sleeves I've sewn.

For some reason, my camera does not want to show the true color of the dress, which is a dark teal.

As for the zipper, when I sewed it on, I had no idea how to shorten it! I just went ahead and kept the original length because I was desperate to finish the dress. Since then, I realized that I should have/had to hand stitch a new stopping point and clipped the rest. Oh well! I know for next time.

This really isn't my favorite dress, but I might just get around to wearing it one of these days!

Right now, I have 2 UFO's that I really need to finish!! But that won't be until I finish my birthday dress, which should be completed by Monday (:

I also have oddles and oddles of pretty vintage dresses that I need to list to the shop soon!

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