Sunday, April 17, 2011

Times like this

I hate school -___-

as the school year starts winding down, I have more and more work to do!

Which would explain my lack of posts and lack of sewing :(

However once May comes, I will be back!


P.S. Look at how my Sunday Mourning dress is coming along!

It's still completely open from the back, but it's an extremely slow work in progress!


  1. Very pretty, you are doing a nice job, hopefully you will get it all closed up! good luck!

  2. As slow as your progress may be, this is looking lovely! I know what you mean about lack of sewing time, my pet hate at the moment is gets in the way of life sometimes!

  3. Vintage Girl: Thanks! Hopefully I'll get it finished soon!

    Marie: Thanks! Eeeek work and school both get in the way of life, it's a shame we need both :/ Why can't we just sew in peace?! haha