Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe

Something that I've always been obsessed with is Hello Kitty.  Ever since I was little, I remember my mom taking me to the Sanrio store and buying me bobbles and bits.  I'm so happy that my mom never got rid of any of that stuff, so I have a pretty large collection of Sanrio products.  I'm not sure what it is, but Hello Kitty brings me lots of happiness.  I think it may be because I have happy memories with my mom and I taking trips to Sanrio.

I was super ecstatic to find out that the Hello Kitty Cafe Food Truck was making a stop in Dallas. I went as far to make myself a Hello Kitty skirt and take off from work! 

I wanted to have a "lolita" inspired outfit for the occasion.  Luckily, I had several yards of Hello Kitty printed fabric. I drafted a basic drindle skirt and attached lace at the hem. I paired the skirt with a thrifted long sleeve white blouse. What made it more "lolita" was the peter pan collar.

The skirt is similar to the one I made for my Poptart Princess cosplay.

Here are details to the fabric, lace, and what I looked like!

Blouse - Pendelton via Thrifted - $6
Skirt - Selfmade - $50 (material & supplies)

The food truck was opening at 10am, but I got there at 8am.  I'm glad I did because we had a good 50 people in front of us! When we left, there must have been a little over 500 people in line. I'm really happy I got to experience this! I hope to visit the real Hello Kitty Cafe one day! It's definitely in my bucket list!

I may have gone a little overboard buying just about everything. I figured it was a rare occasion and treated myself!

Here are all the goodies I bought!

Mug, water bottle, headband, cookies, petite fours, macarons, plus free bag, and pins. I definitely don't regret it! 

Everything was so beautifully packaged, that I kept the boxes.  The macarons were my favorite! They were extremely flavorful! It was Hello Kitty heaven!

Did anyone go the event? Even in an any of the different cities?


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