Monday, August 24, 2015

Evolution of Style

Slowly but surely, I'm noticing a difference in the way I have been dressing lately. Much less noticeable vintage, but still heavily influenced with classic silhouettes. I'm still covered in thrifted goodness, but much less noticeable kitschy prints. It's interesting how one's style goes evolving. Now don't get me wrong. I still love vintage clothes! I just feel like I've conquered the style and now I need something a bit different. 

As for my vintage sewing, I am still obsessed. I just want to create pieces that could pass on as a bit more contemporary.

I feel so weird typing this; seeing as my blog has been mainly about vintage style and sewing. 

My goal is to throw in classic vintage pieces with modern pieces. We'll see how it goes!

I'll leave you guys with an outfit I wore the other day to Northpark's 50th Anniversary

Top- Escada via Thrifted $2
Jeans - Gap Girlfriend Jeans  $40
Shoes - Saks 5th Avenue Black Label $45 ((My Inspiration)

I know this outfit is a little more expensive than what I normally wear, but I had a vision in mind. Plus, I think that thrifted Escada blouse was a steal! 


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  1. I also love jeans and sweater in winter season.I use it since many days.They are comfy, good looking and quality-full. I appreciate your blog post as it's very nice. You are looking beautiful with sweater and jeans.