Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thrift Store Finds: Memorial Weekend

The weather here in Dallas has been super gloomy, which is super unusual.  Memorial weekend was full of rain and failed plans. Luckily, there's always thrifting to cheer my mood.

One of my goals for this year was to buy less dresses. I kinda feel like I'm cheating on creating my "style"; since it's just one garment you slip on. Not to mention that two of my closet walls are FULL of dresses. Now I'm just being extra picky when I do buy a dress. 

I fell in love with the back details to this French Connection dress. I was also really attracted to the abstract print and bustier style bodice. It was something I couldn't leave behind! I thought this cotton day dress was a bargain for $3. French Connection cotton day dresses run between $118 - $180.

My next find was this fun 80's chili print blouse. I love how quirky it is. I think it'll be a fun piece for the summer. I definitely have a few skirts in mind that I want to pair it with. It always makes me sad when there are no labels in garments because I can't figure out the history. It makes think of this chili pepper top that I saw on pintrest. A little similar right? $3 sounded reasonable.

In the skirt section I found the most beautiful tweed skirt by Christian Lacroix! It even has a gorgeous satin polka dot lining and was made in France. I seriously can't wait for fall so I can wear it. I think it might even be fun with the chili pepper shirt from above! I found a similar skirt with suit for $700 on Ebay! I guess I got a deal for $2!

The last thing I found, would have to be the most exciting found item in a hot minute. It's a 1980's Chanel bag. Is it fake or real? Probably fake, but I still think it was a great deal for $1. Even the knock offs will cost you several hundred dollars. What do you guys think? Either way it's patent leather and the perfect size for: phone, card holder, coin purse, keys, and lipstick. I see it being worn a lot in my future!

I think I certainly found colorful things on a super overcast day!


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  1. What great finds! I*m all about skirts and dresses this year. <3 Eek, the quirky blouse... SO FUN!
    --Hugs, Meg