Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rotating Wardrobe

So I have question. How many of you rotate your wardrobe? Do you have a system?

I have a fairly large closet so I don't store any clothing away..except maybe sweaters. I'm hoping to get on a system though. That way I can wear garments more than once a year.

That brings me to my most recent OOTD, a dress I last wore on my last birthday.

I swapped a vintage purse for this dress from @vintagegirlproblems. I wish she'd get on instagram more often, I really miss her presence! (I hope you see this Lea!)

The dress is a mid 1960's dress that appears to be handmade. The bodice is buttoned up in the back with hot pink buttons to match the skirt. It's also 100% cotton. I paired the dress with my very first brooch, a 1950's poodle, that I bought when I was a sophomore in high school for 75 cents. I miss finding cute kitschy things for super cheap!

 My sandals are a recent purchase from the Naturalizer outlet and were on sale for $17. I do have to give them credit for always having vintage inspired shoes. It's a shoe brand quite popular in my closet, but rarely seen in the vintage wear. I also bought some nude t-straps I'm dying to wear! 

I'm a bit obsessed with paisley right now and am currently working with some 1960's paisley fabric. Hopefully the reveal will be soon.

This was worn on a really hot day spent with one of my oldest friends and boyfriend. We spent the afternoon chatting, sipping on cocktails, and eating pie from Emporium Pies. You should give it a try if you haven't! 

I also did a bit of shopping afterwards! I came home with $5 t-straps from Urban and lots of kawaii stickers. I'm really obsessed with stickers right now btw. I've gotten super hardcore about using my planner not only to schedule my life, but to also journal a little about my days. Apparently it's a thing too! Search filofaxing or planner enthusiasm. It changed my life! LOL But seriously, I was impressed with what I found. 



  1. I rotate my closet. I have extensive space up the top, so seasonally I pack the not needed clothes into a large bag and store them up the top. I don't have much in the way of hanging space, so the system works well. My summer and winter wardrobes do differ, especially with winter, I own a lot of woolen skirts and big coats

  2. can you answer me?