Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DuBarry 2154B - Ruined or Rough Draft?

Hi all!

I wanted to share a dress that I made about a year ago and never got around to posting it. I made it in like 2 days, but I ended up ruining the fabric! My iron setting was too high for the fabric, so there's these funky burn marks everywhere. Thus I didn't even bother fixing the crooked skirt seams. I suppose it was a good practice dress for the final draft, which I'm feeling very uninspired to start and finish. I guess you could say I just haven't found the perfect fabric.

I used Dubarry's 2154B C.1930's.

I want the fabric to match this 1920's purple celluloid brooch I got when I was 15.

Here's the dress!

I do love the pin tuck detailing at the waist. You can also see where I gave up on readjusting the skirt seams.

 And here are some of the ugly burn marks :(

Now the question is to remake or give up?

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