Friday, October 21, 2011

Hawaiian Couple Dress

Hello there!

It sure has been awhile! I hate that I never have time to blog owns my life :'( I really want to make time to update here more often and I mean it this time! Let's hope I'm able to hold true to my word this time! So moving on to my most current project....

The "Hawaiian Couple" Dress!

I had to create a product for my basic color theory class that was inspired by a song and represented a complementary color scheme. My song of choice was Hawaiian Couple by Humming Urban Stereo, a South Korean electro band.

Watch the music video here! (:

I really wanted to make a dress that I could picture someone wearing to dance to this song. I used Butterick 4312 from the 60's. The fabric ended up being perfect since it has the color scheme I needed and is from the mid 60's.



  1. Welcome back! It must be so hard balancing schoolwork with hobbies, so don't beat yourself up about it!

    I love this dress, especially the collar and pleating detail around the neck!

  2. Thanks Marie! (: Bleghh soo true! Luckily, I haven't given up sewing! Otherwise, I would go insane lol