Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday Mourning Dress - Intro.

I am stuck on the collar to my Lemon Tie Dress :( I asked my mom for help and she has no clue what to do either. I'm going to take it to my sewing teacher and I'm sure she can help me, but for now I'm going to pause working on the dress.

On a brighter note, I started on a new dress - Sunday Mourning Dress which is from Simplicity's 4903, it doesn't have a year but I'm sure it's from the 60's. I won this pattern off Ebay not too long ago, so I was pretty excited to start on it!

I'm doing view 2 but w/o the sleeves and view 1's belt instead of the bows.

So why the name "Sunday Mourning"?

Well first off tomorrow is Sunday and I hope to be pretty much finished by then. Secondly, I'm using a white embroidered fabric from my mom's stash and it's the mourning color used in India and you could say I'm mourning over my Lemon Tie Dress lol jk

Oh and today I finally wore my 1965 dress! I got quite a few compliments on it which is always nice! (:

Hope all of you are having a lovely weekend!



  1. Lovely dress! Excited to see both the lemon dress and the Sunday mourning! What a cute pattern!!

  2. This is really pretty. Just wonderful, love the fabric and color!

  3. Wow, your 1965 dress is absolutely gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your other two ;o)

  4. I adore the green dress, the fabric is beautiful and the color and style suits you so well! No surprise you've got many compliments.

  5. Debi: Thank you! I will hopefully finish the Lemon Tie sometime before May and I'm aiming to finish Sunday Mourning sometime during the week.

    Vintage Girl: Thanks a bunch! (:

    Marie: Aww thanks! I hope the other two get finished soon!

    The Bohemian Lady: Many thanks! That's always great to hear (:

  6. Your 1965 dress is sooooo cute! You look amazing in it! :) I love the added belt, and your hair is just so pretty!

  7. this is so pretty allie- and i cant wait to see the lemon dress when it is finished:)

  8. Allie: Aww thanks!!! I was having a good hair day that day lol

    Kerilynn: Thanks!! I can't wait for the lemon dress to be finished either hopefully sometime before May lol