Sunday, February 6, 2011


Thursday, we got snow! It was pretty upsetting since it was the 4th day that most of the DFW metroplex was shut down and everyone was still trapped at home! However, I did venture out (in a 1970's faux fur coat) to the backyard to take pictures. I tried taking pics of the same things I took pics of on my last post, so you could see the major change. Today (Friday) was really exciting since temps went up to the low 50's I believe and most of the snow and ice melted, so everyone was out and about! I took advantage and took a much needed trip to my fav. thrift store and antique mall (: I was hoping to run into at least one of the many celebrities that are in town because of the Superbowl, but that didn't happen; I only got to see tourists -_-

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