Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Break = Sew Sew Sew!

During my winter break, I've been sewing nonstop!

I started out with making owls and sometime in the middle I realized I needed to sew something I would use or someone else could use. I also thought about how my etsy shop is just about empty. I was going to add more clothes to it, but decided against it seeing as most of the clothes I have are super summery. Then I came up with the idea of sewing makeup bags to add to the shop, so I drafted a pattern and it's been cutting and sewing nonstop since! In a few weeks or so, I will be adding makeup bags to the shop! You have no idea how excited I am! :D

Here's a look of one of my unfinished bags!


  1. If you post to the UK, I'm sure I'd definately buy one of these when they're finished!

  2. Thanks! I will be shipping all over the world, I'll just have to figure out how much it'll cost (: