Saturday, January 29, 2011

DIY - Valentine's Day Headband

Hi! With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I would do a quick tutorial on a Valentine's Day headband. I got the inspiration from this particular headband.


Foamies Red Glitter Sheet
Red Ribbon
E-6000 Glue or any other sturdy and flexible glue

I made two headbands, one with free hand drawn hearts and the other with traced hearts. If you want the template I used for the traced hearts, just email me or leave a comment with your email address.

Step 1: Draw or trace 3 hearts on the backside of your glitter sheet.

Step 2: Arrange the hearts in whatever order you'd like and glue them. I tried arranging them the same way they did for the original headband.

Step 3: After the hearts dry, measure and cut the ribbon to fit around your head with enough space to tie it. Then glue the hearts to the ribbon and let dry.

Ta-da!!! You're all done and can go about wearing you're headband (:


  1. Um, okay, that is EXTREMELY cute!

  2. Omg, I really gotta try this!
    I've been eyeing the original one, but its too expensive! Thanks for sharing hun =)

  3. I saw the original one and was like must buy! until the price and then I figured I could make a a replica (: I'd love to see pics if you end up making it!