Monday, June 28, 2010

Thrifing Trip No.6

A few days ago, I took a trip to my favorite thrift store and at last I found a few good things! :)

The first thing I found was this pink Juicy Couture polo. The price was originally $3.99, but it was on sale for only $1.99! It was a pretty good steal. Although after I washed it, I noticed the shirt has a pretty big hole on the shoulder and was being secured with a safety pin. I'm pretty sure I can hand sew it though, so I'm not too disappointed.

My next find was this vintage floral top. I didn't really know what era it was from, but I really liked the pattern so I got it. After doing research online, I've learned that the shirt is from the late 50's or early 60's! That's the oldest thing I've found at a thrift store! ($1.99)

I was hoping I'd be lucky in the dresses like I was last time when I found that Escada dress, but I didn't see anything good. I did manage to find this vintage slip though :) I had been looking for a slip in this style for the longest time, but I hadn't been to convinced about the ones I had seen so this was perfect! I kept seeing white ones and I really needed a cream one. ($1.99)

My next find was the most exciting find of the trip. It's this Juicy Couture 100% cashmere sweater vest and it was only $5.99! :)

The last thing I found was this skirt from H&M, which is always nice since the closest H&M would be in Arizona or Missouri! (I live in Texas :))($7.99)

I also bought two hats from the 50's, but I forgot to take pictures of them :( I'll post pics of them next time!

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  1. I love everything. You know I am a Juicy fan...and that skirt is just so cute!

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  3. i love that you love thrift shopping. because i love it so much too! haha. that dress is super cute. i want it. can't wait for you to start posting again!